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  • March 03, 2020

With Modoras’s leadership and advice, our funds continue to grow and have a value considerably higher than we had expected, even through the various downturns in the market in 2001 and 2008.

Not everyone who walks through our door has a perfect financial picture. In fact, many people come to us with a larger financial gap than they had hoped, and less time to fill it in before retirement.

When we first met Kevin, he and his wife had made some modest investments almost 20 years earlier that were not paying off. Close to their retirement – and with the hope to travel extensively – their self-guided investment plan wasn’t close to the funds they’d need to have the lifestyle they were looking for.

“When my wife and I moved to Queensland in 1980 we invested our modest amount of spare money in property. Looking at investment options available at the time, we felt this was the best way to go to maximise returns and build a solid nest egg for ourselves,”, says Peter.

“Unfortunately, not a lot happened in the property market over the years that followed. In 1998, when it came time to think about retiring, we found that our financial position wasn’t as good as we had hoped. We knew we needed professional help.”

Kevin met with a variety of advisors, but he quickly landed on Modoras. “After a few meetings, Peter Sarai [Modoras’ Managing Director] had quickly understood the type of lifestyle was possible in our retirement and had carefully walked us through our options. Peter’s resulting investment strategy made a lot of sense and we felt that his assessment of our individual requirements was very accurate. Suddenly, we felt we were on our way to our goal. We felt financial momentum was building rapidly.“

Kevin’s wealth continues to grow and support their lifestyle, even through the challenging downturns in the markets. Modoras has been able to provide keen insight and advice which tie into our personal understanding of their wants and needs to keep their investments sound, their wealth growing – and their travel on the go.

Says Kevin, “We retired at the beginning of 2000 and have indulged our passion for travel which has included a caravan trip around Australia as well as visiting North and South America, Mexico, Easter Island, The Middle East, New Zealand, Russia and Eastern Europe. And we’re not done yet!”

It’s never too late to get your financial life on track and move towards your lifestyle goals. See how Modoras’s team of experts can help move you forward. Contact us today.