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Her Legacy Lives on - Dorothea

  • March 03, 2020

It’s been well over a year since Dorothea passed away, but her legacy still lives on.

On the Remembrance Wall at the Royal Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals Queensland (RSPCA Qld) there is a green wombat plaque that bears her name. The plaque, along with others that hang next to hers, represents a thanksgiving to those who left gifts to RSPCA Qld in their wills.

For over 28 years, her Modoras Executive Planner managed her financial affairs. Together building wealth, security and financial peace of mind. All for the joy of money whilst being alive? No… to enable Dorothea to live the lifestyle she chose and bequest her estate to those whom she felt worthy. Despite what some might think, the management of her financial affairs doesn’t end on her passing. Managing her estate in a tax effective manner was just as important. Securing her wishes prior to her leaving us is a vital piece of the financial roadmap. For without a comprehensive estate plan, her nest egg may have ended up in the wrong hands.

As is the case with all Modoras clients, the focus remained on making the difference to Dorothea’s life. By providing comprehensive, knowledgeable advice in a friendly, caring environment in which personally getting to know her was always a priority, it was financial security that enabled Dorothea to do the things she enjoyed. From her love of helping animals – cats in particular, to the concert of a lifetime – seeing André Rieu perform live on stage, Dorothea lived a fulfilling life.

With no immediate family, she decided to act on her lifelong love of animals, bequesting her wealth to the RSPCA Qld. Their mission is to “help animals, enlighten people, change lives.” With a dedication to improving the lives of all domestic, farmed and native animals, Modoras’ support of Dorothea’s financial journey has enabled her to improve the lives of others and take care of mistreated, unwanted animals for years to come.

The RSPCA was not aware of Dorothea’s donation until after she had passed, so they were never able to express their thanks to her in person. But her legacy remains in the lives of all the animals being saved, in the work of those who strive to maintain the mission of the RSPCA and in the lives of all those who have adopted countless rescued animals. It is no exaggeration to say that Dorothea’s gift is saving the lives of innumerable animals throughout Queensland.

The plaque of the green wombat on the Remembrance Wall at the Brisbane Animal Care Campus, ensures us that Dorothea’s legacy won’t be forgotten.

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