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  • March 03, 2020

Thanks to my Modoras Planner, I was prepared to address one of life’s uncertainties. I had planned to deal with the unplannable.

For 25 years, we have had the privilege of advising Anna and her family in a number of ways: wealth management, retirement planning, tax strategies and insurance. “Over our 25-year relationship, my Modoras Planner has yet to steer me in any direction that wasn’t right for me and my family. His wealth management and tax advice was always spot-on”, says Anna, “But it was a surprise when he recommended life and critical illness insurance. I’ve always been an exceptionally healthy person. Never a sick day in my life – and doing all the right things for my health.”

Anna’s reaction to insurance isn’t unusual. Many clients think they could save the money they would have to pay out on premiums and build a nest egg instead. That’s a compelling argument, but it doesn’t address the holistic view of financial planning that is the foundation of Modoras’s offering.

One of the key elements in any successful plan is to do your best to plan for uncertainties. All lives are thrown curve balls – and you’ll never know what they may be. For Anna, the curve ball was a sudden health crisis.

“Recently I had a routine skin check-up,” says Anna, “I wasn’t worried as I hadn’t noticed any changes to my body. It was during this examination that the Specialist noticed a little pink lump on my right upper arm and said ‘I don’t like the look of that, I’d like to get it removed’. The lump was removed, I got 5 stitches, and thought that’s the end of that. Very early the following week I received a call from the Surgeon asking me to come to his Office as soon as possible to discuss my test results with me. I went straight away. He told me that the results stated I had a melanoma – level 4. Melanomas only go to level 5 so I was diagnosed with a very serious melanoma. The next day I had more of my arm removed and had to anxiously await the next test results. Luckily for me the test results stated that no ‘residual melanoma was found’. However I now have to have my skin checked every 3 months. I was lucky.”

We are thankful Anna was lucky and is now in good health. But luck isn’t a way to plan for your family’s future. Through the insurance we recommended to Anna, Anna had peace of mind and income continuity through her treatment.

Anna says, “What if they don’t get it all? What if it’s already in my blood? What if I don’t live long enough to see my children grow up? How will my family cope without me? So many of the “what ifs” were answered by my insurance policy. There were a lot of big, worrying questions that the policy answered. Thanks to my Modoras Planner, I was prepared to address one of life’s uncertainties. I had planned to deal with the unplannable. What’s more – I was able to claim against my critical illness policy to help my family deal with the practical issues of loss of my income while I was treated for the melanoma.”

At Modoras, we look at your whole situation and give you the tools to navigate through life and its uncertainties to keep you moving towards you and your family’s goals. Let us help you build and protect your family’s wealth.

See how Modoras’ holistic planning and advice can cover your expected and unexpected needs. Contact us today.

See how Modoras’ holistic planning and advice can uncover your retirement needs.