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Are you a risk taker? What's your risk profile?

Ian Fox
Published by:
Ian Fox
Published on:
April 23, 2018
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Risk Taker

Do you live life on the edge? Or are you the type whose idea of living dangerously is limited to throwing your whites and colours into the washing machine together and hoping for the best?

You might wonder what this has to do with financial planning? Well, our question above is an example of how individuals view personal risk differently to the next person. And how we view investment risk is much the same – we are all comfortable with different levels of risk.

Knowing your tolerance for risk means we can develop an investment strategy that is ideal for you. An investment strategy that will help you reach your lifestyle potential and still be able to sleep at night.

So, are you a risk taker?

Risk Profiles

All good financial planning strategies start with building your risk profile. We combine a questionnaire and discussion which gives us an idea of your comfort around risk and allow us to build an investment risk profile for you. It also allows you to gain an understanding of your risk tolerance which can help to guide your investment choices.

A risk analysis takes into account a number of variables.

  • Age
  • Investment time frame
  • Capital available to invest
  • Personal risk tolerance

Our clients range from those starting out in their working life, through to business owners, and retirees as well. This means we see people at every conceivable place on the timeline of life. And the timeline can have a huge impact on your risk tolerance.

The only way to know your risk profile is to complete a questionnaire but in the meantime here’s a fun take on the different levels of risk.

Low / Conservative

With a short investment time frame, your portfolio is comprised of mostly cash assets which will provide interest income. You’re not comfortable with market volatility and you’re willing to accept lower returns in an attempt to preserve the capital in your investment.

Life Ethos: You don’t attempt a flatpack build without reading the instructions. Twice.

Sports Fan: Lawn Bowls

Foodie: Chicken Parmigiana


Medium / Moderate

Although you are mainly seeking income returns, you would also like some capital growth from your investment. With a three-year investment time frame, you are looking for low level volatility which comes with an expectation for reduced performance.

Life Ethos: You’re a little bit nervous but you’re willing to dip your toe in the water.

Sports Fan: Tennis

Foodie: You’re happy for the chef to experiment. A little.


Medium-High / Balanced-Growth

Sports Fan: Show Jumping, Motocross Racing

Foodie: Caviar, Truffles


High / Aggressive

With an investment time frame of 10 years or more, you primarily invest in growth assets and can tolerate price volatility for the chance of maximum returns. You’re not too concerned about protecting capital.

Life Ethos: Action first. Questions later.

Sports Fan: Sky Diving, Base Jumping, Spectating at a Premier League soccer match

Foodie: Japanese Puffer Fish, Deep-Fried Insects


Risks vs Return

All investments carry some level of risk. Even cash.

It’s widely accepted that as the risk increases, the potential reward increases as well. And vice versa.

With high risk investments, there is a chance that the investment won’t meet income or growth expectations. This doesn’t mean that the lower risk investment is the one for you. Lower risk investments may not be as susceptible to market volatility, but they do place you at risk of your investment not growing in line with economic factors such as inflation.

Developing investment strategies is a careful balance of understanding risks and rewards and how they fit in with your overall financial and lifestyle goals.

Your Risk Profile Is Unique To You

We know our clients value education, and we work with you to help you understand and embrace the financial recommendations we make. You may feel aligned to one or more of these risk profiles, but you might be surprised at the results of a with us.

The financial strategies we set out for you take your financial and lifestyle goals into account as well as your risk profile. Sometimes, your goals and your risk profile don’t match. And this is where education can be vitally important.

There’s no ‘right’ level of risk. But we work hard to find the balance between what you’re comfortable with anriskd what action needs to be taken to help you reach your lifestyle potential.

Be educated and informed with your financial advice. Speak to a Modoras Financial Planner and see what specialised investment advice could mean for your future.

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