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Comprehensive Guide to SE Queensland's Storm Recovery Loans for Businesses

James Morris
Published by:
James Morris
Published on:
January 03, 2024
Last modified:
January 5, 2024
Modoras Accounting (QLD) Pty Ltd ABN 81 601 145 215
Support for small businesses, primary producers and not-for-profits affected by SEQ severe storms

In the wake of the devastating storms that swept across South East Queensland, many businesses, primary producers, and not-for-profits find themselves in a state of recovery and rebuilding. The Queensland Government, recognising the extensive damage and disruption caused, has activated a range of disaster assistance loans to support these entities in their time of need. This article aims to provide a comprehensive guide to understanding and accessing these crucial funds.

The Heart of the Assistance: Concessional Loans and More

Central to the government’s response are the concessional loans, designed to offer significant financial support. Small businesses and primary producers in affected areas like Logan, Scenic Rim, and Gold Coast can access up to $250,000, while not-for-profits can avail of loans up to $100,000. These loans can be utilised for various purposes, including repairing or replacing damaged assets, restocking, and covering essential operational costs.

Essential Working Capital: Keeping the Wheels Turning

In addition to the larger concessional loans, Essential Working Capital loans of up to $100,000 are available. These are particularly vital for maintaining day-to-day operations, such as paying wages, rent, and purchasing necessary items like fuel and fodder. For primary producers, this includes subsidies to alleviate the costs of moving stock and operational materials.

Freight Subsidies: Aiding Movement in Tough Times

Recognising the unique challenges faced by primary producers, the government has also made available freight subsidies. These subsidies, which can go up to $5,000, aim to assist with the movement of stock, feed, machinery, and other essential materials, helping to mitigate some of the logistical burdens in these challenging times.

The Application Process: How to Access the Support You Need

Applying for these loans is a critical step in your recovery journey. To apply or to seek more information, contact the Queensland Rural and Industry Development Authority (QRIDA) via 1800 623 946 or visit their website:  Our team at Modoras is also ready to assist you in this process, ensuring you have the best possible chance to secure the support you need.

Modoras: Your Partner in Recovery

At Modoras, we understand that navigating these assistance programs can be daunting, especially when recovering from such significant setbacks. Our team is here to provide tailored support in securing these funds. More than just aiding in the application process, we offer strategic business planning, forecasting, and structuring advice to not only aid in immediate recovery but also to build a resilient foundation for the future.

Beyond Funding: Comprehensive Business Recovery

Securing funding is just one piece of the recovery puzzle. At Modoras, we believe in a holistic approach to business recovery. This means looking beyond immediate financial needs and considering the long-term strategy and structure of your business. Our expertise in business planning and financial management can be invaluable in these times, helping you not only to rebuild but to emerge stronger and more resilient.

Taking the Next Step: Contact Us Today

The path to recovery can be long and challenging, but you don’t have to walk it alone. Reach out to Modoras for a comprehensive approach to your business recovery. Our team is committed to your financial confidence and resilience, ready to support you through these uncertain times.

For more information on how we can assist you, or to start your application process, book an appointment or contact us at (07) 3219 2555.

The Queensland Government’s disaster assistance loans offer a lifeline for businesses, primary producers, and not-for-profits affected by the severe storms. With Modoras’ support, you can navigate this process effectively, ensuring your business not only recovers but thrives in the aftermath of this challenge.

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