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Embracing the Future: Modoras Accounting Introduces ATO SmartDocs

Aaron Breckell
Published by:
Aaron Breckell
Published on:
August 26, 2023
Last modified:
August 26, 2023
ATO Smart Doc

In an era where the digital landscape dominates communication, Modoras Accounting continues to push the envelope, ensuring our clients are always a step ahead. With that commitment to innovation in mind, we’re excited to present our latest feature: the ATO SmartDocs mailing system.

Why ATO SmartDocs? The Case for Digital

Speed & Efficiency: Remember the days where you’d wait for what felt like an eternity for a piece of mail? With ATO SmartDocs, the moment correspondence is available, it’s in your hands – or more precisely, in your inbox.

Security at its Best: Your financial and personal details are paramount. Traditional methods of communication, whether via post or even email, always have a level of risk attached. Our new system mitigates those risks, keeping your sensitive data safer than ever.

Thinking Green: Every digital correspondence sent means one less paper in circulation. By sidestepping the use of ink, envelopes, and stamps, we’re not just conserving resources but also reducing our carbon footprint.

Reliability in Communication: Overlooked essential documents or reminders on myGov? The ATO’s multi-channel approach can sometimes lead to missed messages. With our system, you’re always in the loop, ensuring no mail goes unnoticed.

How It Works

It’s as simple as clicking an email link and entering in a code. Once you receive our email, an SMS will arrive on your mobile. This message contains a unique 6-digit code, guiding you to access your mail securely.

To ensure the success of this streamlined process, all we need is an up-to-date email and mobile number on our records. If there have been recent changes, just drop us a line, and we’ll update it immediately. (or click here)

Addressing Common Queries

Received an SMS but no email?

It might have landed in your junk/spam folder. Otherwise, it may be a sign to refresh your email in our records.

Got the email but missed the SMS?

Chances are the message went to an outdated number. It’s a quick fix, just reach out.

Still fond of the good old paper correspondence?

Digital might be the future, but we value your comfort. If paper is your preference, please let us know, we’ve got you covered.

Our clients’ needs, comfort, and security have always been our top priority. The introduction of the ATO SmartDocs system is a testament to this unwavering commitment. We’re here to guide you into the future of communication, ensuring you never miss a beat.

For any queries or to update your contact details, (or click here) don’t hesitate to get in touch with our dedicated team at Modoras Accounting.


ATO Smart Docs Client Info Update

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